What is the special purpose of the site?

The main focus of the site is as a prototype for random key generation and keyspace management.

Why a site to generate random words?

Randomization of text to generate hard to guess human readable keys is more secure than having people make up their own passwords provide they can recall or effectively manage the storage, retrieval of the random key. The issue of how best to secure keys is complex and beyond the scope of this site. Rather, this site is concerned with generating random text for use as secret keys or passwords. I refer to this randomized text as a random word.

A demo site

This site is a working prototype, a demonstration site built as a simple tool to allow easy generation of 'random words'. ‘Random words’ refers to pseudo random text of printable characters, such as upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. This site can be used a demonstration of a simple keyspace management tool. Because the random words are generated by software, it cannot create truly random text. Because each situation is unique, it is up to the user to select at least one or more characters used to generate their 'random' keyspace.

How to use the site

How to Use the Custom Page

Users may specify their desired preferences, read more here.

What characters are used?

The characters that users may choose are all part of the ascii character set. All are printable characters with the exception of the 'space' character. Generally, it is best for users to select the largest keyspace possible based on their own requirements. In cases where a user fails to choose any letters, the program relies on default character sets to provide the maximum keyspace.A page showing the ascii values used is here.

What capabilities does the site have?

Users may create ad hoc random words. Users may select the allowed letters, numbers and special characters based on their own requirements. The program will attempt to generate a random word based on the characters selected by the user.

Additionally, users may use the 'custom page' by creating a link to the 'custom.cshtml' page. The query string values would be modified based on the user's own preferences. More information is here.

Does the site store any random words?

No, this site does not store any ‘random words’, rather it only generates and displays them.

Does the site track users?

No, this site does not store information on individual user activity. Interactions are treated anonymously.

This is a demo site, users may use this site at their own risk

This site is for evaluation and demonstration purposes. There is no guarantees or warranties made about the suitability or safety of the software and site content. This site and software is meant to be educational in nature, to demonstrate technology used to generate random character combinations.

Custom Character Selection

Most systems only handle certain sets of characters. Many systems can be very particular about what they accept. That is why it was important to include the ability for users to specify the characters used in the keyspace.